Banners on the John Eve Field Railings Policy

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Anyone wishing to erect a banner on the John Eve Field railings must first complete the appropriate application form. This application form will then be considered for approval (using delegated powers from Full Council) by the Clerk who will take advice from the Chair of the AOS committee and the AOS committee if deemed necessary.




Applications will only be considered from groups and organisations which are holding events to raise monies for charities or not-for-profit events. These events should be of benefit and or support to the community of Market Deeping (directly or indirectly).


Terms and Conditions


a) In line with SKDC policy on the displaying of temporary advertising banners, banners cannot be erected for longer than 21 consecutive days

b) The size of the banner must be specified by the applicant – banners can be no bigger than W96” and H56” (8ft x 4ft 8inches)

c) The applicant must confirm that they have Public Liability insurance to cover those who would put up and take down the banner, as well as any damage that the banner may cause to the railings or members of the Public should it fall down