May 2022 Minutes Annual Town Council Meeting

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Market Deeping Town Council

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Market Deeping Town Council held on Wednesday 11th May 2022 at 7.30pm at the Town Hall, Market Deeping


Cllr Lester (Chair)
Cllr Miss Collins
Cllr Dr Byrd
Cllr Davis
Cllr Neilson
Cllr Mrs Redshaw   
Cllr Shelton
Cllr Brookes
Cllr Broughton
Cllr Mrs Sked
A member of the public, the Clerk and the Deputy clerk were also in attendance.

Cllr Lester welcomed everyone to the meeting and the Open Session commenced:

A member of the public expressed concerns about the proposed Aldi being built in the Town Centre and issues with the Deepings practice.

Cllr Broughton, for SKDC, had attended a licencing meeting and assembled a bench in memory of The Battle family.  The Public toilets need steam cleaning.  The gate to John Eve field has been left open by the fair people.  The Clerk was instructed to ring them that there should be no access on or off the field during their stay.

Cllr Baxter from SKDC sent his apologies.

There being no further business the public session was closed at 7.45pm.  

1.   Election of Mayor 2022/23

It was RESOLVED unanimously to elect Cllr Lester as Mayor.
2.  Election of Deputy Mayor 2022/23

The clerk had received nominations forms from Cllr Shelton and Cllr Broughton. There were 5 votes for each so the Mayor had the casting vote and Cllr Broughton was elected as Deputy Mayor.

3. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor to sign their acceptance of office forms 

Cllr Lester and Cllr Broughton signed their forms in the presence of the Town Clerk as Proper Officer.

4.  Chairman’s Welcome & Introductions

Cllr Lester again welcomed members to the meeting.

5.   Apologies for Absence 

There were no apologies.

6.  Declarations of Interest under the Localism Act 2011 

None were declared.

7.  Acceptance of the minutes of a meeting held on 13th April 2022 

Cllr Lester asked members if they were to accept the minutes of the meeting of 13th April 2022.  It was RESOLVED unanimously to accept the notes of the meeting as a true and accurate record.   The chairman signed the minutes. 

8.  Appointment of Councillors to the existing Committees and the appointment of the Committee chairs for 2022/23

Amenities and Open Spaces:  Cllr Broughton, Cllr Shelton, Cllr Miss Collins and Cllr Mrs Redshaw had elected to sit on the committee. Cllr Lester asked whether any other councillors wished to be on the committee there were none. 

The clerk had received a nomination for Chair from Cllr Broughton.  It was RESOLVED unanimously that Cllr Broughton chair the committee.

Planning and Highways: Cllr Dr Byrd, Cllr Brookes, Cllr Davis, Cllr Shelton and Cllr Mrs Redshaw had elected to sit on the committee.  Cllr Lester asked whether any other councillors wished to be on the committee and there were none. 

The clerk had received one nomination for Chair from Cllr Shelton.  It was RESOLVED unanimously that Cllr Shelton Chair the committee.

Town Hall and Cemetery: Cllr Broughton, Cllr Mrs Redshaw, Cllr Shelton and Cllr Miss Collins had elected to sit on the committee.  The Chair asked whether any councillors not listed wished to be on the committee and there were none.  

The clerk had received one nomination for chair from Cllr Miss Collins.  It was RESOLVED unanimously that Cllr Miss Collins chair the committee
Finance and Personnel: The Town Council Chair together with the committee chairs form the committee.  However, all members of the council are eligible to attend and vote at meetings.

9.  For members to adopt the Terms of Reference for Committees

It was RESOLVED that the Terms of reference for each Committee should be an agenda item to be discussed at the next meeting of each Committee, then referred back to Full Council for ratification.

10.  Reports: Including reports from Deepings Neighbourhood plan, Committees (Planning and Highways), and the Clerk 

Planning & Highways

Cllr Shelton reported that the Committee had approved the higher quote for the bus shelter and that he had negotiated the quote to be valid until the end of June 2022 with Externiture.  Gordon Smith is going to assist the Clerks with the Planning application process.

The Implementation, monitoring and review procedures are being clarified.

Deepings Neighbourhood Plan (DNP)

The DNP meets fortnightly and is:
•   Reviewing housing sites of 10 or more houses
•   Reviewing policies
•   Monitoring its’ 24 improvement projects
•   And updating its’ website

On 5.5.22 there was a meeting with 2 Officers from SKDC which was extremely cooperative.  It has been agreed that DNP will have early involvement in the pre application planning process.  5 proposals were reviewed.  

There will be regular meetings with SKDC.

There is a meeting planned for 17.5.22 at Deeping’s Community Centre with MDTC, DSJ Parish Council and DNP to receive a presentation from Aldi on their proposed development in Market Deeping Town Centre.

Cllr Davis asked whether minutes from DNP were on their website.  Cllr Shelton explained that minutes were presented in an Action Point for individuals to take rather than actual minutes.  It was suggested that minutes should be available on the website.

Mayoral diary

The Mayor has not attended any events since the last meeting for personal reasons.

Clerk’s Report

The Clerk had issued members with a report prior to the meeting:

Clerk’s Report 

11th May 2022

A resignation has been received from a Councillor.

Co-option of a Councillor

4 applications have been received for the advertised position for a co-opted Councillor.

It is proposed to hold interviews shortly.

Remedial tree work

Planning applications have been submitted to SKDC by our known contractor on MDTC’s behalf, they will prioritise the trees and tackle the riskiest first.

Jubilee plans

29 cars have registered for the Motorcade.Volunteers needed for road closures.

50 lamp post decorations and 500m of bunting for the Town Centre has been purchased.

Mugs are being purchased for the children in Market Deeping Community Primary school and William Hillyard School from MDTC to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee.

Toilets -transfer

SKDC have been asked to provide figures of costs to maintain the toilets so that MDTC can consider their offer of transfer of ownership.

End of financial year

The Clerk has now completed for the End of year financial closedown (2021/22) which is took place successfully via Teams all day on 7.5.2022.

11.  Correspondence to be noted and resolved upon

Correspondence to be Noted – Received up to 11th May 2022


Received from

Date Received


Committee Response




e-News 19.4.22



Palmer’s tree Services


Quotation for tree work



Deeping’s Lions


Invitation to opening of Sensory Gardens 14.5.22





e-News 26.4.22





Climate change online event





Star Council awards



Healthwatch Lincolnshire


Health and Social Services survey



Deepings Community Library


Flyer re DSJ Annual Town Council Awards






Correspondence to be Acted Upon – Received up to 11th May 2022


Received from

Date Received


Committee Response


Raft Race


Grant application for Deeping’s Raft Race

To be discussed later on agenda




Information requested regarding Ukrainian refugee organisations

None known.  Open Door church possibly.




Re planning application Peterborough Road

All to respond to Clerk with availability.

12.  Council Finances

a)  Income and expenditure by cost centre

Members had received a copy of the Council Finances and Omega report prior to the meeting. Cllr Lester asked if there were any questions.  There were none.

b) Accounts to be paid 

It was RESOLVED unanimously that the council pay its bills.  See appendix A.  

c) Review of the Town Council’s expenditure incurred under S137 of the Local Government Act 1972

Members had no questions.

d) For members to receive and accept the internal auditor’s report

It was RESOLVED unanimously to accept the report.

13.  For members to approve the Annual Governance and Accountability return 2021/22 Part 3 Section 1

The Clerk had provided a copy of the AGAR return to members prior to the meeting.  The Chairman read each of the statements to the members present and each statement was agreed in turn.  The chair and the clerk are then to sign section 1 of the return, after a change of date regarding internal audit dates is altered by the Clerk (stated as 2021 rather than 2022).

14. For members to approve the Annual Governance and Accountability return 2021/22 Part 3 Section 2

It was RESOLVED unanimously to approve the presented figures.  The chair and the clerk, as RFO, will sign section 2 of the return.

15. For members to review and adopt the Town Council’s Standing Orders, the Town Council’s Financial Regulations and the Town Council’s Code of Conduct

The clerk had provided copies of each of the documents to members prior to the meeting.  It was RESOLVED unanimously to accept the Town Council’s Financial Regulations and the Town Council’s Code of Conduct and that the Town Council’s Standing Orders, will be reviewed by a policy working group.

16. For members to be given confirmation of arrangements for insurance cover

The Clerk reminded members that a 3-year policy had been taken with Hiscox insurance which will expire in 2024.  It was RESOLVED unanimously to proceed with Hiscox insurance until 2024.

17. For members to review the council’s subscription to other bodies

The clerk had provided members with a list of bodies that the council subscribes to.  Members reviewed the list and it was RESOLVED unanimously to continue with the subscriptions shown.  Councillors would like a subscription to Land Registry to be included in the annual subscriptions, which the Clerks will research.

Review of Council's Subscriptions - May 2022         

18. For members to review the arrangements (including legal agreements) with other local authorities, not-for-profit bodies and businesses

The Clerk reminded members of the existing arrangements for the following:

Grass Cutting – Environment SK

Shared costs with DSJ Parish Council 2022/23 

£9404 x 0.5 = £4,702
Rebate from SKDC £1723 
Net cost £2,979

Public toilets

Contribution from SKDC £1670.77 X 4 = £6683 2022/23

Street Cleaner contributions

Contribution received from SKDC was £2317 for 2021/22

It was RESOLVED unanimously to continue with the existing arrangements.

19. For members to review the representation on or work with external bodies and arrangements for reporting back

Cllr Miss Collins represents the Deepings Youth Group and for Mary Scotney Alms Houses. 

Cllr Shelton represents the Deepings Neighbourhood Plan, the Deepings Community Trust, the Deeping’s Heritage group and the Deepings Library.

Cllr Dr Byrd represents the Council on the Deepings Neighbourhood Planning group.

Cllr Brookes represents the Council on the Deepings Neighbourhood Planning group.

Cllr Mrs Sked said that she was no longer able to represent the Council on the Neighbourhood policing panel.  Cllr Davis volunteered to take on this position.

Cllr Mrs Redshaw represents the Council on the Deepings Heritage group, Deepings Neighbourhood Plan and is a trustee for the Feoffees.  

Cllr Broughton is a Trustee for Feoffes, Coronation Hall Committee and Mary Scotney Alms Houses 

Cllr Nielson represents the Council on Coronation Hall Committee

As Cllr Miss Moran is no longer a Councillor it was requested that the Clerk write to the Swimming Club to advise them that Cllr Moran will no longer be their representative on behalf of the Council.

It was agreed that Cllr Shelton should continue to report to Council monthly regarding the Deepings Neighbourhood Plan.

The Clerk was instructed to remind Councillors to report back to the Council on a 6 monthly basis. monthly.  Councillors may report back either verbally or via a written report.

20. For members to consider plans for Platinum Jubilee weekend events

Cllr Dr Byrd gave an update on planned events:

Thursday 2nd - Outdoor Music Events Day

2.00pm music on the green at Riverside Park, opposite the library 

Cllr Broughton offered to put the gazebo up.  As many Cllrs as possible are encouraged to attend.

3.00pm Community Service of Thanksgiving at Riverside Park 
3.30pm Gun Salute for the Queen 
Invited guests to walk to Heritage exhibition in St Guthlac’s church followed by tea and coffee in the Green School
9.00pm music at Jubilee Park, Thacker’s Way 
9.45pm The Beacon Lighting at Jubilee Park, Deeping St. James

Friday 3rd - Jubilee Motorcade Day 

11.00am to 12.00nn a convoy of local classic and customised cars, bikes, and specialist vehicles will be touring around the Deepings. The route will include: Godsey Lane, Church Street MD, Market Place, High Street, Bridge Street, Hereward Way, Broadgate Lane, Spalding Road, Linchfield Road, Thacker’s Way, town car park. 

The Clerks are to explore the possibility of providing money off voucher leaflets on behalf of local businesses to encourage participants to eat in the town afterwards.

A brochure of participating cars was also suggested. 

Cllr volunteers on the day are Cllr Davis, Cllr Mrs Sked, Cllr Shelton and Cllr Dr Byrd.

Saturday 4th - Neighbourhood Day 

Councillors to pop over to introduce themselves and possibly share some tea and cake. 

Sunday 5th - Platinum Party in the Park Day 

Market Deeping Town Council will have a gazebo on John Eve Field between 12 and 5.  Residents will be invited to write and submit your personal message to the Queen.  Messages will be placed in an A2 book afterwards.

Cllr volunteers on the day are Cllr Broughton, Cllr Shelton, Cllr Mrs Redshaw (and R.R), Cllr Mrs Sked, Cllr Lester, Cllr Davis

Shop window dressing competition for businesses

Invitations to dress the windows of local businesses are to be issued.  Cllr Lester is to chose the winner and provide a prize. 

A page has been reserved in the I’d rather be in Deepings magazine and an advert is to be placed in The Advertiser.

Cllr Neilson left at 9.05pm.

21. For members to consider Xmas events for 2022

Cllr Byrd reported that there was nothing to report but hopes that volunteers for Jubilee events will also volunteer for Xmas events.  Cllr Redshaw suggested that choirs may get booked up early.

It was suggested that this should be a permanent agenda item.

22. For members to consider the Co-option of Councillor

It was RESOLVED unanimously to await the deadline for the 2nd vacancy and then to interview for both Councillor vacancies together.

23.  For members to consider grant application for Deepings raft race

It was RESOLVED unanimously to donate £350 to The Deeping Raft Race.

24. For members to consider and discuss any points raised in the public session.

The Clerk was instructed to write to The Deepings Practice to raise concerns about constituents concerns with obtaining an appointment and also frustration over difficulties in registering as a new patient. 

25. Confidential/Personnel Matters: Consideration to go into Closed session to discuss:

Staff issues

There were none.

26. To consider items for inclusion on the agenda items for next meeting of the Town Council, to be held at The Town Hall, Market Deeping on 8th June 2022

The Chairman thanked all members for attending and declared the meeting closed at 9.20pm.  The next scheduled meeting of the Full Council will be held on Wednesday 8th June 2022.