November 2022 Minutes

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Town Clerk: Mrs Gail Darnes

Minutes of the Meeting of Market Deeping Town Council held on Wednesday 9th November 2022 at 7.30pm at the Town Hall, Market Deeping


Cllr Lester (Chair)
Cllr Dr Byrd         
Cllr Shelton
Cllr Mrs Jones
Cllr Miss Collins
Cllr Brookes            
Cllr Broughton
Cllr Mrs Sked
Cllr Mrs Redshaw                          
The Clerk and Deputy Clerk were also in attendance.

Cllr Lester welcomed everyone to the meeting.

New Councillor Bob Mumby was in attendance.

Cllr Baxter encouraged everyone to have their say about the planning application by New River Retail.  He also reported that the Deepings Leisure Centre proposal was still with the Secretary of State for approval.  

Cllr Broughton reported that he had been to an SKDC meeting.  He has had a meeting with Rev. George about opening the Green School as a warm hub for the Community and will also be offering his own house.  The Deepings Community library will also be a hub.

There being no further business the public session was closed at 7.40 pm

95.  Chairman’s Welcome & Introductions

Cllr Lester welcomed members to the meeting.

96. Declarations of Interest under the Localism Act 2011 

None were declared.   

97. For members to consider the co-option of new Councillor for the Millfield ward

It was unanimously RESOLVED to coopt Mr. Bob Mumby as a Councillor.  The Clerk will send out the paper work.  It was agreed that Councilor Mumby will represent the Millfield ward. 

All Councillors gave a brief introduction of themselves.

98. To note apologies and accept valid reason for Absence

Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Cllr Neilson and Cllr Wey.

99. Acceptance of minutes of a meeting held on 12th October 2022

Cllr Lester asked members if they were to accept the minutes of the meeting of 12 October 2022.  It was RESOLVED unanimously to accept the notes of the meeting as a true and accurate record.

100. Reports:  Including reports from Committees: Planning and Highways, DNP, Amenities and Open Spaces, Town Hall and Cemetery, Mayor’s report and the Clerk’s report 

Planning and Highways

Cllr Shelton discussed the planning application from New River Retail which is supported by the Deeping Neighbourhood plan and the Planning and Highways committee of MDTC because it provides a 2nd supermarket and will be situated in the town centre. 

There will be an extra ordinary meeting of the Planning and Highways Committee held on Wednesday 16th November 2022 at 7pm to discuss the Planning application and formulate a response. 

There are a number of issues to be raised but these will not affect the application decision.

Deepings Neighbourhood Plan (DNP)

The meeting with SKDC and DNP has been rescheduled for 29 November 2022.

Amenities and Open Spaces 

Cllr Broughton said how beautiful the hanging baskets looked this year and proposals to place a duck nesting box on the pond in the paddock.  

The Oak trees on the Riverside Park have died and it is proposed to replace with Silver Birch trees.  Cllr Byrd knows an Ecology specialist who she will ask for advice regarding the type of tree which is most suited to the location.

There are repairs needed to equipment on the John Eve field which it has been agreed to proceed with.
Town Hall and Cemetery

There were no updates.

Mayoral Diary

The Mayor has attended:

The opening of the Remembrance gardens on 6th November 2022.

The Deputy Mayor has attended:

100th Birthday of Gladys Tweed 21.10.22 

Clerk’s Report – 9 November 2022

Planning for Precept 2023/24.  

Christmas Market and Remembrance events also being organised.

A letter of resignation was received from Cllr Davis on 3rd November 2022.  Having taken advice from the elections officer at SKDC we do need to proceed with advertising the vacancy which arises for a new Councillor.

A pay increase has been awarded to all staff of £1925 p.a pro rata.  This has been back dated to 1.4.22.

An extra day’s annual leave has been awarded from 1.4.23

101. Correspondence to be noted and resolved upon

Correspondence to be Noted – Received up to 9th November 2022


Received from

Date Received


Committee Response




Chief Executive’s Bulletin





LALC e-news letter



Lincolnshire Police


Safer Together Team Newsletter for North and South Kesteven



Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Integrated Care System


Let’s Talk – your health and care Survey





NALC events





NALC events – Levelling up minister Paul Scully MP speaker confirmed – Empowering Communities, 7 November 2022





NALC events – More tickets for event on local councils and communications strategies





Chief Executive’s Bulletin





LALC e-news letter



Deeping Youth Group


October newsletter



Lincs Police


Lincolnshire Police Neighbourhood Team Quarterly Briefing



Safer Together Coordinator


Q3 NSK Newsletter



Lincs Police


Local Policing survey





LALC Enews letter










New River Retail application





LALC e-news letter



Green School


Increased fees from Jan 2023



PCSO monthly report


PCSO monthly report



Correspondence to be Acted Upon – Received up to 9th November 2022


Received from

Date Received


Committee Response






102. Council Finances:

a) Income & Expenditure by Cost Centre

Members had received a copy of the Omega report prior to the meeting. 

Cllr Lester asked if there were any further questions.  There were none.  

The Clerk was asked to put energy on the agenda for the next Finance and Personnel meeting.

It was also requested that the Town Hall and Cemetery agenda is to include an item to consider the use of the Town Council chambers as a warm hub.

b) Accounts to be paid 

It was RESOLVED unanimously that the council pay its bills for November 2022.  See appendix A.  

c) Review of Council finances 

A discussion took place regarding the finances and newly updated Ear Marked Reserves.  The underspend for 2021/22 has been correctly allocated to EMRs.

d) Review of EMRs 

The underspend for 2021/22 has been correctly allocated to EMRs.

e) Preparations for precept planning 2023/24   

The Finance and Personnel meeting on 26th October decided that Precept increases should be kept at 0% although it was also not increased in 2022/23.

The precept amount for 2022/3 from SKDC was £252,00 the amount at 0% increase for 2023/24 will be £254,500 due to a slight increase in housing.

It was agreed to ask Committees to review their spending requirements and then revert back to Full Council for their consideration and ratification in December.

103.  For members to consider plans for Remembrance events 2022

Cllr Miss Collins reported a good turn-out for the opening of the Remembrance gardens on 6th November despite the weather.

Remembrance Parade will take place on 13th November.  Councillors are to meet at the Green School from 9.45 to be seated in Church by 10.10am.

The closing of the Remembrance gardens will take place on 20th November.  Cllr Lester will be doing a reading and Rev George will be leading the service.  The music will be played by the Park Keepers in the absence of a bugler.

Cllr Broughton will be marking Remembrance Day by firing maroons on 11.11.22 at 11.00 and 11.02am at the Riverside 

104. For members to consider plans for Christmas events 2022

A discussion took place regarding plans for the Christmas Market which will take place on Sunday 4 December 2022.

Cllr Dr Byrd gave an update pointed out that the Market is only 3.5 weeks away:

•   There will be no extra meeting in between now and then.
•   The tree is organised and will be erected in The Market Place by 24.11.22
•   Advertising boards have been printed and will be put in place after Remembrance parade on 14.11.22.  Cllr Broughton is making stakes for the signs.
•   Cllr Broughton will approach Tesco for tombola prizes
•   An entertainment facility has been booked.  It will provide full PA and music system and a DJ/Santa to announce and play music in any gaps.
•   Prizes are needed for the mayor’s tombola and the raffle.  An advert is to be placed on Facebook for donations.
•   The mayor’s charity will be The Deepings Men’s group
•   Around 34 stalls have booked so far – great variety of goods for sale
•   Permission has been granted for outdoor seating for businesses on the day
•   Most shops will be open on the day
•   A few 10-minute slots are available for performers
•   Grand prize raffle – tickets go on sale on Monday 14.11.22
•   Model railway exhibition will be in The Stage
•   More volunteers needed

Between 4 and 5 pm there will be:

•   Nativity flash mob
•   Prize draw by Mayor
•   Carols in the Market Place
•   Small gifts for children.  Councillors agreed to the purchase gifts.

Cllr Mrs Redshaw gave an update on the Christmas tree festival on 4.12.22

•   Town Hall to be decorated on 28.11.22
•   Trees to be collected 5.12.22 and 6.12.22 between 9.30 and 3.00pm
•   Trees to be left at Town Hall on 3.12.22
•   There will be a memory tree in the Foyer

105. For members to approve the purchase of land adjacent to Charter Avenue

Persimmon homes are offering £310,955.06 for Market Deeping to take over 4 pieces of land on their Charter Avenue estate for £1 under a Section 106 agreement.

Cllr Shelton made the following recommendations:

•   The land to be overseen as part of the AOS committee
•   The money to be placed in a protected account and used for maintenance costs
•   Initially work to be carried out by the existing contractor
•   An allotment association to be set up with 2 Councillors overseeing the association.
•   To obtain an adjoining piece of land from the Developers of the adjoining estate to extend the size of the allotments

A lengthy discussion took place.  And the following points were raised:

•   Checks should be made to ensure the play equipment is in order before the transfer is agreed
•   Checks should be made to ensure who is responsible for the drainage of the land i.e. MDTC, the Drainage Board or SKDC
•   Paperwork should refer to Charter Avenue and not Charter Lane

•   The Developer of the adjacent field should be approached as early as possible regarding the adjacent estate with a view to extending the allotments.

It was RESOLVED with 9 in favour and 1 abstention to purchase of land adjacent to Charter Avenue

106. For members to consider Cllr Jones’s request to join the Amenities and Open Spaces and Planning and Highways Committees.

It was RESOLVED unanimously to appoint Cllr Jones as a member of the Amenities and Open Spaces and Planning and Highways Committees.

107. For members to consider the request for Grant Aid for Coronation Hall

It was RESOLVED with 8 in favour 1 abstention and 1 against to give Grant Aid of £500 to Coronation Hall.  There is a vacancy for a Councillor on the Coronation Hall Committee.

108. For members to consider the offer of a defibrillator at Beaufort Grange

If was RESOLVED unanimously to accept the offer of a solar powered defibrillator at Beaufort Grange.  The offer also includes the offer of maintenance for 10 years.

109. For members to consider a response to Parishes Policing Priority setting

A discussion took place and the following priorities were agreed for submission:

Drug dealing

•   Long stay car park off Halfleet
•   Spinney
•   John Eve field


•   Halfleet
•   Stamford Road


•   Anti-social behaviour
•   Egg throwing 
•   Fence breaking 
•   Fire setting
•   Trolley moving

110. For members to consider and discuss any points raised in the public session

There were none.

111. Personnel Matters:  Consideration to go into Closed Session to discuss: Staff Issues

There were no matters to discuss.

112. To consider items for inclusion on the agenda items for next meeting of the Town Council, to be held at The Town Hall, Market Deeping on 14 December 2022

The Clerk was requested to book The Bull for a Christmas get together after next month’s meeting
There being no other business Cllr Lester thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting was declared closed at 9.15 pm. 

The next scheduled meeting of the Full Council will be held on Wednesday 14 December 2022 at 7.30pm in the Town Hall, Market Place, Market Deeping.