February 2022 Minutes

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Market Deeping Town Council

Minutes of the Full Council Meeting of Market Deeping Town Council held on Wednesday 9TH February 2022 at 7.30pm at the Green School, Market Deeping


Cllr Miss Collins
Cllr Mrs Sked
Cllr Miss Moran
Cllr Mrs Redshaw
Cllr Neilson
Cllr Brookes                                          
Cllr Shelton
Cllr Davis
Cllr Broughton
Cllr Lester
The Clerk and Deputy Clerk were also in attendance.

Cllr Miss Moran welcomed everyone to the meeting and the Open Session commenced:

A member of the public representing UPP broadband gave an update on the rollout of broadband across the East of England.  UPP are keen to get involved in the local community and support projects.

A member of the public spoke regarding their application to be co-opted onto the Council following the resignation of Cllr Hembrow.  She spoke about her desire to become a Councillor. 

Cllr Broughton reported on various committees and events attended.   

Cllr Baxter gave a detailed report on the various meetings he has attended.

Cllr Miss Moran gave a report.

There being no other business in the open session this was closed.  The closed meeting commenced at 7.50 pm.

72.   Vice Chairman’s Welcome & Introductions

Cllr Miss Moran again welcomed members to the meeting. 
73. Declarations of Interest under the Localism Act 2011 

Cllr Miss Moran asked if there were any declarations of interest, there were none.

74.   To note apologies and accept valid reasons for absence 

There were no apologies.

75.  Acceptance of the minutes of a meeting held on 12th January 2022.

Cllr Mrs Redshaw requested that the minutes should be amended to reflect that the Riverside Park should be referred to as such and not Boundary Park.
Cllr Miss Moran asked members if they were to accept the minutes of the meeting of 12th January 2022.  
It was RESOLVED unanimously to accept the notes of the meeting as a true and accurate record.  The Chairman signed the minutes.

76. Election of new Chair

Cllr Miss Moran the Deputy Mayor proposed that Cllr Lester become the Mayor.  

It was RESOLVED unanimously to appoint Cllr Lester as the Mayor.

Cllr Lester accepted the position of Mayor and welcomed Cllrs to the meeting.  Cllr Lester said he was looking forward to work with Councillors to deliver service to the Community.                     

77. Reports: Including reports from Planning and Highways, Deepings Neighbourhood plan, Amenities and Open Spaces, Town Hall and Cemetery, Finance and Personnel, Mayor’s Diary and the Clerk’s report. 

Deepings Neighbourhood plan

Cllr Shelton reported that the group meet every 2-3 weeks to implement monitor and review. 

The DNP has produced a document which contains 16 policies which will be circulated to Parish, Town, District and Neighbouring authorities.   

They have sent a response to the Deepings Leisure Centre.  

The group is financed by both Market Deeping Town Council and Deeping St James Parish Council.  Cllr Shelton proposed that Market Deeping Town Council transfer £2,500 from Ear Marked reserves towards the Deepings Neighbourhood plan group.  

It was RESOLVED unanimously to transfer £2,500 towards Deepings Neighbourhood plan.

Cllr Neilson left the meeting at 8.00pm.

Planning & Highways

Cllr Shelton reported that quotes to provide a new sheltered bus stop were being considered.

The Section 106 agreement is close to being agreed to transfer the Persimmon estate to Market Deeping Town Council.  Cllr Shelton expects to be able to report back at the next meeting.

Amenities and Open Spaces

There was nothing to report.

Town Hall and Cemetery

There was nothing to report.

Finance and Personnel

There was nothing to report.

Mayoral diary

The Mayor has not attended any events.

Clerk’s Report

January 2022

A letter of resignation dated 13 January has been received from Cllr Yarham who wishes to resign from his position as Mayor of Market Deeping Town Council.


On 4.2.22 a 6-month sabbatical was requested until July 2022 – It was RESOLVED unanimously to approve Cllr Yarham’ s sabbatical request.

The Clerk has been in discussion with DSJ Parish Council regarding the tree surveys which have recently been carried out on their trees by an independent Company.


The consensus is that the NKDC tree officer has a better understanding of the tree survey requirements of Councils and offers a more comprehensive and value for money service.The Clerk proposes that the Council should instruct the NKDC tree surveyor to carry out the work as soon as possible.


Quotes received by DSJ PC were £2068.00 + VAT, £2556.00 + VAT and £1485.00.If NKDC had carried out the work it would have been £3.50 per tree i.e., £1309 + VAT.DSJ has 374 trees.  


It was RESOLVED unanimously to approach NKDC to survey the trees on behalf of MDTC.


Precept request has been submitted to SKDC which equates to a 0% increase in the amount requested from SKDC in respect of the provision of services in Market Deeping.


The Clerk thanked everyone for their contribution and it was noted there will be a 0% increase in Council tax for Market Deeping residents

78. Correspondence to be noted and resolved upon

Members had received a copy of the correspondence prior to the meeting.

Correspondence to be Noted – Received up to 9th February 2022



Received from

Date Received


Committee Response


LCC Town and parish news


Invitation to join panel





E news



Kevin Baker


Notification that the Raft race is taking place





Leisure centre consultation document





E news










E news



St James Deeping Signal Box






Correspondence to be Acted Upon – Received up to 9th February 2022




Received from

Date Received


Committee Response







79.  Council Finances

a)   Income & Expenditure by Cost Centre

b)   Accounts to be paid and

c)   Council finance to 31/1/2022   

There were no comments on the Omega report or Council finances to 31/01/22 and It was RESOLVED unanimously that the Council should pay its bills.

80. For members to consider responding to SKDC re the proposals for The Deeping’s Leisure Centre

A lengthy discussion took place regarding the Deepings Leisure Centre.
It was RESOLVED that members should email the Clerk/Deputy Clerk with their views and that Cllr Davis should work with the Clerks to formulate a response. The response to be forwarded to Cllrs for approval before it is sent to SKDC by 28.2.22. 

81. For members to discuss arrangements for Annual Town meeting – proposed date Tuesday 26th April 2022

The Clerk was instructed to invite representatives from The Deeping’s practice and SKDC to the meeting.  Other suggestions were the Police and Lincolnshire highways.

Cllrs were asked to contact the Clerk with any other suggestions.

It was suggested that tea and coffee be provided.

82. For members to consider events for Platinum Jubilee and Beacon lighting event

A lengthy discussion took place regarding the event.  Cllr Lester suggested that he would be happy to form a working group. It was suggested that a Zoom or 1 hour meeting might enable more attendees.  

Volunteers were Cllr Miss Collins, Cllr Mrs Sked, Cllr Mrs Redshaw and Cllr Shelton.  Volunteers were invited to contact the Clerk. 

83. For members to consider dog warden provision in 2022

It was RESOLVED unanimously not to continue with the provision of dog warden patrols by SKDC.

84. For members to consider and discuss any points raised in the public session

The Clerk will liaise with Councillor Broughton regarding the purchase of disease resistant elm trees.

85. Confidential/Personnel matters: Consideration to go in to Closed Session to discuss: Staff issues

It was RESOLVED unanimously to move into Closed Session to members of the press and public in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, for members to discuss items that contained information of a confidential nature:  Staff issues. 

It was RESOLVED unanimously to co-opt Dr Pamela Byrd as a Councillor

It was then RESOLVED unanimously to come out of Closed Session. 

86. To consider items for inclusion on the agenda items for next meeting of the Town Council, to be held at The Green School, Market Deeping on 9th March 2022.

There being no other business, Cllr Lester, thanked all members for attending and declared the meeting closed at approximately 9.20 pm.  The next scheduled meeting of the Full Council will be held on Wednesday 9TH March 2022 at 7.30pm at The Green school in Market Deeping.