October 2022 Minutes

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Town Clerk: Mrs Gail Darnes

Minutes of the Meeting of Market Deeping Town Council held on Wednesday 12th October 2022 at 7.30pm at the Town Hall, Market Deeping


Cllr Lester (Chair)
Cllr Dr Byrd         
Cllr Davis
Cllr Shelton
Cllr Miss Collins
Cllr Brookes            
Cllr Broughton
Cllr Wey               
Cllr Mrs Redshaw
Cllr Mrs Jones         
The Clerk was also in attendance.

Cllr Lester welcomed everyone to the meeting.

New Councillor Debbie Jones was in attendance.

Cllr Baxter reported on the various meetings attended.  He also reported that the Deepings Leisure Centre proposal was with the Secretary of State for approval.

Cllr Broughton reported that he had been to a Coronation Hall meeting.

There being no further business the public session was closed at 7.37pm

77.  Chairman’s Welcome & Introductions

Cllr Lester welcomed members to the meeting.

78. Declarations of Interest under the Localism Act 2011 

None were declared.   

79. For members to consider the co-option of new Councillor for the Millfield ward

It was unanimously RESOLVED to coopt Mrs. Debbie Jones as a Councillor.  The Clerk will send out the paper work.  It was agreed that Councilor Jones will represent the Millfield ward. 

80. To note apologies and accept valid reason for Absence

Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Cllr Mrs Sked and Cllr Neilson.

81. Acceptance of minutes of a meeting held on 28 September 2022

Cllr Lester asked members if they were to accept the minutes of the meeting of 28 September 2022.  It was RESOLVED unanimously to accept the notes of the meeting as a true and accurate record after slight amendments to the wording at agenda items 68 to point out that the Christmas planning meeting was at the Town Hall and ZOOM for those unable to make the meeting. Item 70 was amended from 1 abstention to 1 against.

82. Reports:  Including reports from Committees: Planning and Highways, DNP, Amenities and Open Spaces, Town Hall and Cemetery, Mayor’s report and the Clerk’s report 

Planning and Highways

Cllr Broughton stated that his planning application had been withdrawn.

Cllr Shelton stated that he will write to the leader of SKDC regarding the planning issues on Deepings Meadows.  

Deepings Neighbourhood Plan (DNP)

Cllr Shelton handed out the agenda for the meeting scheduled for 20 October 2022 between SKDC and DNP.  Attendees include Emma Whittaker (SKDC), Phil Jordan (SKDC), Shaza Brannon (SKDC), Cllr Shelton, Cllr Dr Byrd and Cllr Mrs Shinkins-Hoppe (DSJ PC).

A discussion took place regarding the remit of Deepings Neighbourhood plan.

Amenities and Open Spaces 

The latest meeting had taken place earlier in the evening.  Cllr Broughton discussed proposals to place a duck nesting box on the pond in the paddock.  It is also proposed to obtain an electric shutter door for the toilets as the existing one is very difficult to open.
Town Hall and Cemetery

There were no updates.

Mayoral Diary

The Mayor has attended:

Opening of new petrol station Budgens 6.10.2022
March Civic service Sunday 9.10.2022.

Clerk’s Report – 12 October 2022

Extensive planning is underway for Remembrance events, Christmas Market and precept planning has started.

83.   Correspondence to be noted and resolved upon

Correspondence to be Noted – Received up to 12th October 2022


Received from

Date Received


Committee Response


Anglian Water Lincolnshire Reservoir


Latest update





Enews dated 4.10.22



The Deepings School


Invitation to meet Headteacher for all Councillors


Correspondence to be Acted Upon – Received up to 12th October 2022


Received from

Date Received


Committee Response


Friends of Deepings Library


Complaint re £500 donation and precepted funds



Judy Stevens


Correspondence re £500 donation for extension

It was agreed that this cant be voted upon again for 6 months


I’d rather be in Deeping


Advent calendar windows – request for £25

It was RESOLVED with 8 in favour, 1 against and 1 abstention to give £25 towards the advent calendar windows competition.

84.   Council Finances:

a) Income & Expenditure by Cost Centre

Members had received a copy of the Omega report prior to the meeting. The Clerk asked which EMR the grant to the Swimming Club should be taken from.  

It was RESOLVED with 9 in favour and 1 abstention to take the funds from EMR 344 (AOS SUPPLIES)

Cllr Lester asked if there were any further questions.  There were none.  

b) Accounts to be paid 

It was RESOLVED unanimously that the council pay its bills for October 2022.  See appendix A.  

c) Review of Council finances 

A lengthy discussion took place regarding the finances and Ear Marked Reserves.

The clerk had provided members with a copy of the current reserves prior to the meeting.  

Of the underspend for 2021/22 the following transfers had been agreed by committees:

£20,000 to EMR 347 – Digital Council
£10,000 to EMR 354 – Sustainable travel
£10,000 to EMR 344 – AOS supplies (less £2,500 to swimming club grant)
£10,000 to EMR 324 – Town Hall

A discussion took place and it was RESOLVED unanimously that the Ear Marked Reserves were in order.  The Clerk will obtain guidance from RIALTAS on how to transfer.

d) Preparations for precept planning 2023/24   

A discussion took place regarding the need to possibly increase the precepted amount in 20223/4 as it was not increased in 2022/23.

It was agreed to ask Committees to review their spending requirements and then revert back to Full Council for their consideration and ratification in December.

85.  For members to consider plans for Remembrance events 2022

Cllr Miss Collins and the Clerk confirmed that St Guthlac’s Church have confirmed that numbers are not restricted for the Remembrance parade on 13 November 2022.  The Parade leader has confirmed attendance. A Zoom meeting will be held for attendees.

Invites have been sent for the opening and Closing of the Remembrance gardens on 6th and 20th November.  The Community Centre has been booked for the refreshments afterwards.

A bugler is needed for all 3 events. 

86. For members to consider plans for Christmas events 2022

A discussion took place regarding plans for the Christmas Market which will take place on Sunday 4 December 2022.

Cllr Dr Byrd gave an update:

•   A quote is being obtained for an entertainment marquee
•   Prizes are needed for the mayor’s tombola and the raffle.  Cllr Shelton is to approach retailers.
•   A meeting will be held for all Councillors on Wednesday 19 November 2022 in the Town Hall between 7 and 8 pm.  If attendees cannot attend in person there will be an option for Zoom.
•   Around 20 stalls have booked so far.

Cllr Broughton has 10 to 12 volunteers to help with the Christmas tree.  A contractor will need to be booked to help with transportation. He will approach the licensing committee next week with regard to getting permission for the businesses to have seats outside them on Christmas Market Day.

87. For members to consider which EMR to allocate £10,000 in respect of Administration budget underspend from 2021/22

It was proposed that the £10,000 should be allocated to the Digital Council budget after some discussion this proposal was then withdrawn.  It was then proposed by Cllr Davis and seconded by Cllr Broughton that £5,000 should be allocated to EMR 334 New vehicle and £5,000 to Grounds maintenance AOS this was RESOLVED with 9 in favour and 1 against.

88. For members to consider signing up to the Civility and Respect pledge

After discussion it was proposed that Market Deeping Town Council work towards being in a position where they are happy to sign the pledge by end of December 2022. A vote took place there were 4 in favour 4 against and 2 abstentions.  Using the Chairman’s casting vote it was RESOLVED with 5 in favour 3 against and 2 abstentions that Market Deeping Town Council work towards being in a position where they are happy to sign the pledge by end of December 2022.

89. For members to consider adopting the Dignity and Respect at work policy

It was decided to move this to the agenda in January 2023 after Councillors have undergone training.

90. For members to consider method for sharing speed camera data

It was RESOLVED unanimously to create a visual graphic of the data and post it on social media 

91. For members to consider a S137 donation of £200 for wreaths

It was RESOLVED unanimously to make a S137 donation of £200 for wreaths

92. For members to consider and discuss any points raised in the public session

There were none.

93.Personnel Matters:  Consideration to go into Closed Session to discuss: Staff Issues

There were no matters to discuss.

94. To consider items for inclusion on the agenda items for next meeting of the Town Council, to be held at The Town Hall, Market Deeping on 12 October 2022

There being no other business Cllr Lester thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting was declared closed at 9.05 pm. 

The next scheduled meeting of the Full Council will be held on Wednesday 9 November 2022 at 7.30pm in the Town Hall, Market Place, Market Deeping.