P&HC January 2020 Minutes

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Market Deeping Town Council – Planning and Highways Committee

Minutes of a meeting of Market Deeping Town Council’s Planning and Highways Committee held on Wednesday 8th January 2020 at 7pm in the Town Hall, Market Deeping. Cllr Brookes presided over Cllr Hembrow, Cllr Miss Moran, Cllr Mrs Redshaw, Cllr Lester, Cllr Shelton. The Deputy Clerk was also in attendance. There were no members of the public present.


117 Chairman’s Welcome

The meeting opened at 7pm. Cllr Brookes welcomed everyone and wished everyone a Happy New Year.


118 Apologies for Absences

Apologies had been received prior to the meeting from Cllr Miss Collins, and Cllr Davis.


119 To Receive Declarations of Interest under the Localism Act 2011

There were no declarations of interest.


120 Minutes from the Meeting dated Wednesday 4th December 2019.

Cllr Brookes asked the committee if they were to accept the minutes of the meeting dated Wednesday 4th December 2019. It was proposed by Cllr Brookes, seconded by Cllr Miss Moran and Resolved unanimously that the minutes should be signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting. The minutes were signed accordingly.


121 Clerk’s Report

Members had received a report prior to the meeting.

Minute No



With reference to the request received by a resident for a bin to be placed in the alleyway between Halfleet and Chestnut Way – the SKDC Street Care Services Team are looking into this. No further information has been received.


Following the email sent to Persimmon homes, the allotment area has been tidied up as requested.

98 (ii)

No update as yet has been received regarding LCC’s review of the zebra crossing on Godsey Lane.

107 (1)

Confirmation has been sent to LCC regarding the Town Council’s continuation of the Joint Parish Agreement for the urban highway grass cutting for 2020/21.

DSJ are seeking joint quotations – 1 has been received from our current contractor and further quotations are awaited.


A further email has been sent to Persimmon requesting an update on the status of the estate road adoption process and also the pavement reinstatement work following utility company works in phase 1 of the development. A response is awaited.


Following Cllr Miss Morans meeting with members of the Business Club the Clerk refrained from sending the previously approved letter regarding the use of A boards as per the emailed instruction from the Chair.


The bill for the Christmas lights has just been received. This year’s display is year 3 of a 5 year contract.


122 Correspondence to be Noted

Cllr Brookes stated that members should familiarise themselves with the Inspectors report listed as item 4.

Correspondence to be Noted – Planning & Highways Committee –  8th January 2020


Received from

Date Received


Committee Response


Planning Support, SKDC


List of Valid Planning Application received between 2nd December & 6th December 2019



Planning Support, SKDC


List of Valid Planning Application received between 9th December & 16th December 2019



Planning Support, SKDC


Notification of time change from 10am to 11am for Planning Meeting to be held on Wed 8th January 2020



Planning Support, SKDC


Copy of Appeal Decision from Planning Inspectorate Ref APP/E2530/Y/18/3213650

Re: Land to the rear of 52 Church Street



Planning Support, SKDC


Agenda for the Planning Meeting, Wed 8th January 2020



SKDC Planning Support


List of Valid Planning Application received between 17th December & 20th December 2019



SKDC Planning Support


List of Valid Planning Application received between 23rd December & 27th December 2019



SKDC Planning Support


Additional Information to the Agenda for Planning Committee meeting on 8th January 2020



SKDC Planning Support


List of Valid Planning Application received between 30th December 2019 & 3rd January 2020



123 Correspondence to be Acted Upon

There were no items of correspondence to be acted upon.


124 Finance

a) Omega Report: Review of performance to date, budget/expenditure/income

The Deputy Clerk had provided a report at the meeting. Cllr Brookes asked if members had any queries regarding the report and there were none.

b) Precept Planning for 2020/21

The Deputy Clerk presented the finalised precept proposals. Cllr Brookes asked if members had any additional queries and there were none.



125 To consider the planning applications up to 8th January 2020, as per SKDC Weekly Planning lists

Ref. no

Application details and address

MDTC response


Applicant: Mr Jackson

Unit 7 Stirling Way, Northfields Industrial Estate, Market Deeping PE6 8AS


Erection of Extension to Industrial Building. Application Type: Full Planning Permission

Members raised no objection to this



Applicant: Mr M Lovett

47 Halfleet, Market Deeping PE6 8DB


Proposed alterations to dormer windows, and to front elevation, new render to dwelling, construction of double detached garages.

Application Type: Householder                                

Members raised no objection to this




Applicant: Mr & Mrs Mike Peace

1 Kesteven Drive, Market Deeping, PE6 8DU


Extension of ‘dropped kerb’ as shown on site plans

and single storey side extension replacing existing

flat roofed garage.

Application Type: Householder

Members raised no objection to this



Applicant: Mr & Mrs Thurston

69A Tattershall Drive, Market Deeping, PE6 8BZ


New porch & new fencing to side boundary.

Application Type: Householder

Members raised no objection to the proposed new porch. However, members were concerned about the visual impact on the street scene by the proposed repositioning of the boundary fence by virtue of its height, length & position. Members considered that this will alter the existing open space and planned form of the estate and contravened Policy EN1 of the South Kesteven Core Strategy and the NPPF. In addition members considers that the Planning Authority’s recent refusal of permission for a similar application, S19/0174, has set a precedent within the area for these types of proposals.


126 Planning applications and their results received up to the 8th January 2020

Ref No.

Application details address

SKDC Decision


Applicant: Mr M Bothamley

Towngate Tyre & Exhaust Centre, Whitley Way,

Northfields Industrial Estate, Market Deeping PE6 8AR


Erection of extension to workshop.

Date Received: 28th August 2019

Decision Date: 13th December 2019

Permission Granted.


Applicant: Mr James Orford

16 Meadow Road, Market Deeping PE6 8PF


Change of use to residential garden and erection of 2m fencing to the boundary.

Date Received: 11th November 2019

Decision Date 18th December 2019

Permission Granted.


Applicant: Sarah Lydford

Town Centre Roundabout, Market Deeping


Reduce no 1 London Plane to previous points,

reduce upper crown 4-5m, reduce outer crown to

3-4m reduction.

Date Received:15th November 2019

Decision Date: 30th December 2019

Permission Granted.


Applicant: Mr & Mrs Steen

28 Towngate West, Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, PE6 8DG


Replacement of existing single glazing with micro double glazing throughout.


Date Received: 9th October 2019

Decision Date: 31st December 2019

Permission Granted.


127 For Members to consider the Impact of the proposed Neighbourhood Plan on all future Planning Decisions

Cllr Brookes stated that members will need to familiarise themselves with the policies within the Neighbourhood Plan, as reference will need to be made to them when considering the committee’s response to Planning Applications. Cllr Brookes encouraged all committee members to take a look at the Plan on the Deepings First website. Cllr Shelton advised that the revised final draft of the Neighbourhood Plan was due to be submitted, under Section 14, to South Kesteven District Council in February and would need to be approved by the Towbn Council. Cllr Mrs Redshaw stated that a presentation to the Council on the Plan’s policies and the proposed projects would be a useful way to inform the Councillors.


128 For Members to Review Compliance with Planning Conditions for Major Developments

Cllr Brookes stated that it is important that the Town Council is aware of any issues arising with regard to compliance as developments progress.

a) Persimmons Homes, Godsey Lane

The Deputy Clerk informed the members that correspondence had been received from SKDC stating that the new pedestrian crossing on Godsey Lane, to be provided by Persimmon as a condition of the Planning Approval, had been consider unviable by the Highway Authority and would no longer be pursued by the Planning Authority.

Members asked the Deputy Clerk to write to SKDC, LCC and the towns representing County Councillor expressing the Council’s immense disappointment at this decision.

b) Larkfleet Homes Development, Northfield Road

There are no issues to report at this time.

c) Housing Development, Halfleet/Towngate East

There are no issues to report at this time.

d) Linden Homes, Linchfield Road (Deeping St James)

Members commented once again on the issue of mud on neighbouring estate roads left by construction traffic and the fact that there had been no construction management plan made with the Planning Authority prior to the commencement of the works. Cllr Brookes stated that this highlights the need for the Town Council to push for such a plan in all future development.


129 For Members to Review the Progress of, and issues relating to, Section 106 Agreements.

The Deputy Clerk informed members that a request had been made to SKDC for them to provide monthly updates on Market Deeping related S106 activity. Correspondence had been received from SKDC reporting that, in relation to the Section 106 Agreement covering the Towngate Inn housing development, SKDC had received the following payments:

· £2577.64 Traffic Regulation Order contribution for the consultation and making of any necessary Orders in proximity to the access points of the development; and

· £14354.36 Off Site Open Space contribution for improvements to Greensland Park (Halfleet) and Cherry Tree Park (Church Street).

The Deputy Clerk informed the members that correspondence was on going to clarify the Town Council’s involvement in determining the allocation of the monies.



130 For Members to consider issues relating to grass cutting

As stated in the Clerk’s report, confirmation of the continuation of the Joint Parish Agreement with Deeping St James has been sent to LCC. The Clerk at Deeping St James had agreed to seek 3 quotations for the grass cutting contract on behalf of both Council’s and to date had received the quotation from the current contractor. The

Deputy Clerk would report back when the further two quotations had been received. Members stated that it was important to meet with the successful contractor before commencement of the work to discuss the issues and complaints that had arisen during the 2019 grass cutting season.


131 For Members to review reported highway issues

The Deputy Clerk informed the members the LCC had been advised of the following:

Reported Issue

LCC Response

The street light outside 76 the Meadway not working.

A repair has been scheduled.

The pedestrian crossing lights on Church St not working.

A repair has been undertaken.

The damaged and missing railings outside the Oddfellows Hall.

A response is awaited.

Lack of electricity to the bollards on the Town roundabout.

The fault is not immediately apparent and further investigations are required.


The Deputy Clerk also reported that two separate emails have been sent to LCC, including one from the representing County Councillor, requesting and in support of an extension to the double yellow lines on Douglas Rd and the introduction of double yellow lines along The Avenue. SKDC has been notified of the complaint received regarding the excessive litter along the verges of the dual carriageway section between the Stamford Rd roundabout and the A15/A1175 roundabout and a request has been made to have this area litter picked.

Cllr Mrs Redshaw requested that enquiries be made regarding the Openreach utility work adjacent to the Pilgrim Cross ancient monument on the corner of Towngate to ascertain whether the works have been completed. Cllr Redshaw informed the members that the works were very close to the monument and that consideration should be given to protecting the monument with a low level demarcation railing.


132 For Members to discuss and consider the Council’s current bus stop provision

Cllr Brookes referred to previous discussions and reports with a representative of Delaines Bus Company and a local expert that identified 3 locations where improved provision could be considered. These were Church St nearest the roundabout, Towngate near the former Inn site and Godsey Lane near to Charter Avenue. Members agreed that the bus stop located on Towngate should be given the highest priority and further information be sought regarding suppliers, LCC requirements and funding avenues.

Cllr Mrs Redshaw stated that the existing bus shelter on Church St was looking very tired and in need of repainting and repairing and requested that this also be undertaken.

Cllr Brookes further mentioned that regular meetings were held between local council representatives and local bus companies and it was important that Market Deeping Town Council also had representation. Cllr Brookes and Cllr Miss Moran agreed to endeavour to attend these meetings in future.


Conservation Area

133 For members to consider the approach to A board advertising within the Conservation Area

Following Cllr Miss Moran’s recent meeting with members of the Deepings Business Club, members agreed to continue to monitor the issue of A-board advertising and tackle inappropriate and over use on a case by case basis.


134 For Members to review any matters arising from the public session

There were no members of the public present at the meeting.


There being no other business, Cllr Brookes closed the meeting at 8.30pm. The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 5th January 2020 at 7pm.