TH&C January 2021 Minutes

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Minutes of the virtual meeting of Market Deeping Town Council’s Town Hall and Cemetery Committee held on Wednesday 20 January 2021 at 8.00 pm.  Cllr Miss Moran presided over Cllr Yarham, Cllr Hembrow, Cllr Dolan, Cllr Lester, Cllr Shelton, Cllr Mrs Redshaw, Cllr Mrs Sked. The Town Clerk, the Deputy Town Clerk were also in attendance. 

69 Chairman’s Welcome

Cllr Miss Moran welcomed members to the meeting.

70 Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence had been received prior to the meeting from Cllr Broughton.

71 To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011

There were no declarations of interest.

72 Minutes from meeting held on Wednesday 18th November 2020

It was proposed by Cllr Miss Moran, seconded by Cllr Yarham and RESOLVED unanimously to accept the minutes of the previous meeting as a true and accurate record and they were duly signed by the Deputy Clerk on behalf of the Chair. 

73 Clerk’s report

The Clerk informed the members of the following:

Matters Relating to the Cemetery:

Since the last meeting there had been 1 scattering of ashes in the Spinney, 1 interment of cremated remains.

Matters relating to the Town Hall:

The neighbouring property to the Town Hall had confirmed that they were happy to go ahead with the Party Wall.
74 Park Keepers Report: Update on work activity taking place in the cemetery

The Clerk, having spoken with the Park Keepers prior to the meeting, gave the following verbal report:

Park keepers had filled in a large pothole within the graveled area of the cemetery.
Park keepers would like to purchase additional gravel to level the area leading to their shed within the next few weeks and would like the committee’s approval.  

The committee approved this request and the Clerks will inform the Park Keepers to go ahead and order the required amount.  

75 Correspondence received up to 20 January 2021


Received from

Date Received


Committee Response


Gowers Surveyors Ltd


Terms of Appointment for the Party Wall





Request to reserve grave

Committee considered this request and agreed that the Clerk should write to the resident outlining the committee’s decision.




Dog Patrols

The Clerk had circulated, prior to the meeting, a copy of the PSPO dog patrols report.  Members agreed it was a very comprehensive report and the exercise had been very helpful and educational to those concerned.  Members agreed that the patrols should now cease until the Spring, remaining patrols will be completed by the end of January. The Clerk was asked to thank the Patrol Officers for their hard work and report and inform them that the Committee would to cease patrols until the Spring. It was agreed to discuss spring patrols at the next meeting.

76 Finances: Omega reports: Review of budget/expenditure/income

The deputy clerk had presented a copy of the Omega report to all members prior to the meeting.  Cllr Miss Moran asked if there were any questions and there were none.  

Cllr Yarham asked the committee to consider that the Mayoral chains be cleaned and past Mayor names be engraved, possibly 3 mayoral terms to be added.  Cllr Mrs Redshaw asked that this is done carefully due to the material of the chains and a professional company should be sourced to carry out the work.  It was agreed that the Clerk would obtain a few quotes for cleaning and engraving and these would be considered at the next meeting.   


77 Chairman’s Cemetery Report

Cllr Miss Moran had visited the cemetery and reported that due to the wet weather a number of graves had dropped.  The Cemetery Keeper had been topping these up with soil and will continue to do so.  

Cllr Miss Moran also noted on her visit that a number of graves had additional items laid on plaques and memorials which was outside the Cemetery Policy.  Cllr Miss Moran requested that the Clerks write to the registered owners of the graves enclosing a copy of the cemetery policy and drawing their attention to item 15 regarding care and maintenance.  The grave owners would be respectfully requested to remove the additional items within two weeks after which the park keepers will remove and place the items in the park keepers shed for collection.  If after a further two weeks the items had not been collected they would be disposed of.  

In line with the Cemetery Policy all wreaths and festive items will be removed after 20th January by the Park Keepers and kept in their shed for a period of two weeks to allow time for collection, after this time they will be disposed of.    

78 For members to receive an update on the installation of the Sanctum facility

Cllr Hembrow advised members that due to Covid restrictions there was a delay until mid-March.  Cllr Hembrow reported that he had discussed with Alfresco the possibility of a few more hurdles and posts which would cost £335.00.  It was agreed to go ahead with shorter panels and a maximum cost of £300.00.  Cllr Hembrow to obtain quotes for Cllr Miss Moran to approve.
79 For members to approve the permitted designs and graphics for the Sanctum tablets

The Chair had circulated the fonts available for the Sanctum and it was agreed number 4. CG Century Schoolbook was the preferred option.  No other fonts will be permitted. 

80 For members to receive an update regarding the signage for the Cemetery following the commencement of the dog enforcement patrols

Cllr Miss Moran reported she had removed two damaged signs, but all other signs were fine and sufficient at this time.

81 For members to consider amendments to the Town Council’s Cemetery Policy

The Deputy Clerk had circulated the Cemetery Policy prior to the meeting.  Cllr Miss Moran would like to include under point 15 that no weed killer should be used in the cemetery by grave owners only by the cemetery keeper if necessary.   
Cllr Miss Moran would like a separate Spinney Policy which she agreed to draft and will be considered at the next meeting. 

Town Hall

82 For members to receive an update of issues raised in the commissioned Condition Survey Report on the Town Hall 

The Deputy Clerk had circulated prior to the meeting Cllr Hembrow’s proposed programme of works and costs which were identified in the Building Survey report.  It was agreed that Cllr Hembrow would draw up a list of jobs that would require the use of scaffolding and these would be completed  together to ensure the work is cost effective.  It was proposed by Cllr Miss Moran and seconded by Cllr Yarham and RESOLVED with 7 in favour and one abstention that a budget of £10k from the precepted funds be considered by Full Council to allow the works to go ahead.  

83 For members to receive an update on the replacement of the Town Hall front door

It was agreed that the Clerks should submit the Listed Building Consent form incorporating the comments from the Building Survey report.

84 For members to consider office arrangements due to Covid restrictions and to move into close session if necessary 

The Clerk and Deputy Clerk outlined the arrangements that they had put in place to adhere to the current Covid restrictions.  Members requested that the Clerks produce a Pandemic Office Working Policy which would be signed by both the Clerk and Deputy Clerk.

In the absence of any further matters Cllr Miss Moran thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 8.56pm. The next meeting of the Town Hall and Cemetery Committee will be held virtually on Wednesday 17th March 2021.