AOS January 2020 Minutes

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Amenities and Open Spaces Committee

Minutes of a meeting held on Wednesday 22nd January at The Town Hall, Market Deeping. Cllr Broughton (Chairman) presided over Cllr Mrs Sked, Cllr Miss Collins, Cllr Brookes, Cllr Shelton, Cllr Yarham and Cllr Hanson. The Deputy Park keeper and the clerk were also in attendance.

35. Chairman’s Welcome

Cllr Broughton welcomed the members to the meeting

36. Apologies for absence

There were none

37. Declarations of Interest under the Localism Act 2011

There were no declarations of interest

38. Minutes of a meeting held on the 20th November 2019

Cllr Broughton asked the committee if they were to accept the minutes of the meeting dated Wednesday 20th November 2019. It was proposed and Resolved unanimously that the minutes could be signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting. The minutes were signed accordingly.

39. Clerk’s Report

The Clerk had issued members with a report prior to the meeting:

1. The Paddock volunteers continue to report on their work and have recently put canes in the hedge where there were gaps.

40. Correspondence to be noted and resolved upon

Correspondence – Amenities & Open Spaces – January 2020


Received from

Date Received


Committee Response


Gray’s fair


Rent of John Eve Field October 2020

The committee agreed as long as the field is in good enough condition for the vehicles to pull onto the field. It was further agreed that prices would be held at the same rate as last year.


Taylor’s fair


Rent of John Eve Field April 2020

The committee agreed as long as the field is in good enough condition for the vehicles to pull onto the field. It was further agreed that prices would be held at the same rate as last year.


Banner requests


Walk happy charity event


41. Update on work and Presentation by the Park Keepers

The Deputy Park keeper informed the committee that pruning was currently being undertaken and the remaining brambles had been cut back. The children’s play area had also been mowed. He showed the committee a photo detailing vandalism to cherry trees in the John Eve Park and advised that only one of the trees could be saved. The new bench had been placed on the Riverside park and the clerk was asked to write to the residents who had donated the bench to thank them. The deputy park keeper reported that other benches need maintenance work.

42. Omega reports: Review of performance to date, budget/expenditure/income

The Clerk had provided an Omega report to members prior to the meeting. Cllr Broughton asked if there were any questions on the reports but there were none.

43. For members to consider the resurfacing of certain areas of the children’s play area following the ROSPA report

The clerk informed members that a second quote had been received that was considerably less expensive than the Wicksteed quote. Cllr Mrs Sked provided the name for a third company who could be contacted for a further quote. When three quotes are received Cllrs will then decide how to proceed.

44. Update on the allotment purchase

The clerk had been contacted by the solicitors, who advised that things were finally moving and that SKDC would be able to alter the contract so that the land passes directly from Persimmon to Market Deeping Town council. The clerk had provided members with a copy of a tenancy agreement to consider prior to the next meeting, so that arrangements to set up the allotment area could proceed in time for the growing season if possible.

45. For members to consider improving the appearance of the Town Roundabout

The office had received complaints regarding the condition of the roundabout and the park keepers had offered to tidy it up by cutting back existing shrubbery and clearing debris. Cllr Mrs Redshaw had suggested, via the clerk, that 4 troughs be placed around the base of the roundabout to smarten up its appearance. Cllr Broughton advised that he had pallets available that could be used to make troughs and asked the park keepers to look into this.

46. For members to consider a trough or tub of flowers on the corner of Godsey Lane opposite the Police station.

Cllr Broughton advised members that he had received a letter from Cllr Mrs Redshaw requesting the display, and also detailing the request for the troughs on the roundabout. Members felt that there may not be enough room to site a tub of flowers without impeding pedestrians and Cllrs Broughton and Hanson agreed to meet at the site to assess the available space.

There being no other business the Chairman thanked all for attending and the meeting was closed at 7.20pm.

The next scheduled meeting of the Amenities and Open Spaces Committee will take place on Wednesday 18th March at the Town Hall, Market Deeping.