TH&C January 2023 Minutes

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Minutes of the meeting of Market Deeping Town Council’s Town Hall and Cemetery Committee held on Wednesday 4th January 2023 at 6.15 pm at the Town Hall, Market Deeping.

Cllr Miss Collins presided over Cllr Broughton, Cllr Mrs Redshaw and Cllr Shelton.  The Deputy Clerk was also in attendance. 

57. Chair’s Welcome

Cllr Miss Collins welcomed members to the meeting.   

58. Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Lester prior to the meeting.

59. To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011

There were no declarations of interest.

60. Minutes from meeting held on Wednesday 14th December 2022

It was RESOLVED unanimously to accept the minutes of the previous meeting as a true and accurate record.   The Chair signed the minutes.

61. Clerk’s report

The Clerk informed the members of the following:



Committee’s comments

Since the last meeting on 14 December 2022 there had been one interment of cremated remains.



As discussed on 6 July it was agreed to review the installation of a fence and gate in the Spinney area in 6 months’ time.   Does the committee wish to consider at this time?

The Committee agreed that this would be monitored over the coming months and would consider again if antisocial behaviour became an issue. 

Town Hall


Committee’s response

The legionella testing has been carried out on a monthly basis and no issues have been found 


The Clerk informed the Committee that the Town Hall CCTV hard-drive and electric hand dryer had been ordered and was awaiting delivery.  

62. Update on work activity taking place in the cemeteries (old & new) 

•     Ongoing general garden maintenance, cemetery is looking tidy. 

63. Correspondence received up to 4th January 2023


Received from

Date Received


Committee Response


The Columbaria Company (Sanctum plaques)


New price list will be issued in January 2023.  Increase of 7.5% from 1 April will be applied and will be monitored throughout 2023.

It was agreed to review cemetery fees in May 2023.

64. Finances: Omega reports: Review of budget/expenditure/income

The Clerk had presented a copy of the Omega report to all members prior to the meeting.  Cllr Miss Collins asked if there were any questions and there were none.

65. Chair’s Town Hall Report

Cllr Miss Collins noted the comments in the Clerk’s report.  

66.   For members to consider repairs to the Town Hall – referred from 14.12.22 meeting 

The Committee agreed that this would be reviewed after the May elections.

67.   Chair’s Cemetery Report 

Cllr Miss Collins thanked the park-keepers and cemetery keeper for their hard work in keeping the cemetery nice and tidy.   

68.   For members to consider and discuss any points raised in the Open Session.
There were none.

69. To consider items for inclusion on the agenda for the next meeting of Town Hall and Cemetery Committee

There were none. 

Cllr Miss Collins thanked everyone for their attendance and closed the meeting at 6.25 pm.  The next meeting of the Town Hall and Cemetery meeting will be held on Wednesday 1st March 2023.