TH&C May 2021 Agenda

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Notice is hereby given of the virtual meeting of Market Deeping Town Council’s

Town Hall and Cemetery Committee

to be held on Wednesday 19th May 2021 at 7.30pm

in the Lionel Beck Room, Deepings Community Centre

Douglas Road, Market Deeping

The following business will be transacted.

There will be an Open Session prior to the committee meeting, commencing at 7.30pm and lasting for a maximum of 30 minutes, where members of the public are invited to address the committee, for a maximum of 5 minutes per person.


1.  Chairman’s welcome.

2.  Apologies for absence. 

3.  To receive Declarations of Interest under the Localism Act 2011.

4.  Minutes from the meeting held on Wednesday 17 March 2021.

5.  Clerk’s report.

6.  Update on work activity taking place in the cemeteries.

7.  Correspondence.

8.  Finances: Omega reports: Review of budget/expenditure/income.


9.  Chairman’s Cemetery Report.

10. For members to consider the purchase of benches for the Sanctum Garden

11. For members to receive an update on the Sanctum facility

12. For members to review Cemetery Fees

13. For members to consider and approve the requested information from the Valuation Office Agency

Town Hall

14. For members to receive an update on the Town Hall remedial works.


15. For members to consider and discuss any points raised in the Open Session.


E Scott

13th May 2021

Deputy Clerk for & on behalf of

Market Deeping Town Council