P&H January 2019 - Plans & Results

Planning applications received up to the 2nd January 2019


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Application details and address

MDTC response


Applicant: Mr Larry Griffiths

13 Dovecote Rd, Market Deeping, PE6 8DS

Date: 3 December 2018

Single storey extensions and hipped roof to front and side.

Application type: Householder

No objection.


Applicant: Lincolnshire County Council

Received Date: 17 December 2018

Construction of up to 260 dwellings and new vehicular access from Millfield Road, public space and associated infrastructure. Outline application with the matter of access for consideration.

Application Type: Outline Planning Permission (Major)

Objecting. Comments & concerns to be sent to South Kesteven District Council covering the following points:

The application is contrary to the Core Strategy SP1: Spatial Strategy.

The application is contrary to the Core Strategy EN1: Protection and Enhancement of the Character of the District.

Inadequacy of the Pre-Application Consultation.

Prematurity of the Application in relation to the Village Green Application currently ongoing.

Insufficient Access to Sustainable Transport.

Highway Safety Issues in relation to Millfield Road.

Issues relating to Millfield Road and its junction with Towngate East, North of the Site.

Safety concerns regarding the calculations used for the visibility splays on the proposed alterations to the Millfield Rd/Stamford Rd Junction.

Lack of Minerals Assessment.


Applicant: Unknown

Land adjacent to A15/A1175 Roundabout.

Erection of roadside services to include a petrol filling station with ancillary retail floor space.

Application Type: Full Planning Permission

No objection in principle but comments and concerns to be sent to South Kesteven District. Concerns to include the following:

Vehicle access/egress safety and proximity to the roundabout.

Redesigning of the access egress layout to a left in/left out, similar to the design of the Glinton Roundabout.

Provision of an island on the A15 to ease pedestrian crossing movement and provision of footways within the site for safer pedestrian access.

Provision of electric charging points.


Applicant: BP Oil UK Ltd

Land adjacent to A15/A1175 Roundabout

Branding and information signs on petrol station canopy and totem signs.

Application Type: Advertisement Consent

No objection.


Applicant: Mr Matt Irvine

48 Towngate East, Market Deeping

Erection of a two storey detached dwelling.

Application Type: Full Planning Permission

No objection in principle but the route of the public footway running along the southern boundary needs to be preserved for future use.


Applicant: Mr & Mrs T Smith

15 Clover Road, Market Deeping

Section 73 application to vary condition of planning approval S18/0746 to alter the design of the extension.

Objecting. This proposal is not in keeping with neighbouring properties.


Planning applications and their results received up to the 2nd January 2019

Ref No.

Application details address

SKDC Decision


Mr David Hicks

Rose Lodge Care Home, 35A Church St, Market Deeping, PE6 8AN

Date Received : 8th October2018

Decision Date: 7th December 2018

Extensions to an existing care home and

alterations to the associated barn.

Application Type: Listed Building Consent



The Bull Hotel, 19 Market Place, Market Deeping

Application Type: Premise Licence



Mr Briggsfish

12 Stamford Road, Market Deeping

Date Received: 26th October 2018

Fell 1xHolly, fell 1xYew, fell 2xSycamores, re-pollard 1xAsh, crown reduce 4xConifers by 30-50% & raise crowns, remove overhanging limbs to 1xPear, reduce 1xPlum by 30%, reduce 1xSycamore by 30% and raise to 4-5m.



Land Off Linchfield Road, Deeping St James

Date Received: 20th December 2018

Residential development of up to 145 dwellings with primary access of Linchfield Road and secondary access of Burchnall Close with associated open space, car parking and landscaping (outline with matter of access included for consideration)

Approved with Conditions