John Eve Field

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The field was donated to the Town Council by John Eve, a local farmer.  Used extensively by all members of the community, it provides sports facilities via an informal football pitch along with a children’s play area. 


Glebe Park

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The land was purchased by the Town Council as an open space.  The conditions of sale are that nothing should be built upon it.  The land has some Elms and Chestnut trees with preservation orders.  The Council has a programme for maintaining the trees and replacing them, if necessary.   The land also hosts a Regional Competition size BMX track which was built in 2009.

Rectory Paddock

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Originally pasture for cattle, the area is maintained as an open grassed area for the use of all residents.  There is a pond where bulrushes and water irises grow. 

Welland Gardens

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The gardens have been owned by the Town Council since 2008.  The area is a natural habitat and provides a conservation site for the indigenous bat community.  On a recent investigation 3 different species of bats were identified; Soprano Pipistrelles, Pipistrelles, and Daubentons.  Local people picnic in the gardens.

Riverside Gardens

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This area is owned by the Town Council. Trees were planted by local school children over the past years and also provides an area of natural habitat down to the river.  It provides a focal point for the Remembrance Garden set around the Peace Memorial.  The flag pole proudly flies the Lincolnshire Flag.