F&PC January 2022 Agenda

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Notice is hereby given that the next meeting of  


Finance & Personnel Committee

Will be held on Wednesday 5th January 2022 at 6pm at The Town Hall, Market Deeping when the following business will be transacted:


1.   Chairman’s Welcome

2.   Apologies for Absence 

3.   Declarations of Interest

4.   Notes of minutes from the Finance & Personnel Committee meeting 20th October 2021

5.   Clerk’s report

6.   Correspondence

7.   Omega report - Review of performance to date, budget/expenditure/income

8.   For members to consider Precept planning 2022/23 from all committees and Admin budget

9.   Review of Council Policies

  • Financial Management Annual estimates and 
  • Financial Management Internal/External 

10.   For members to consider a draft expenses policy

11.   Digital council progress 

12.   For members to consider 2022 Bank Holidays

13.   For members to receive reports from the internal auditor

14.   Personnel – Consideration to go into Closed Session. To include:

Staff matters
Mrs Gail Darnes
Clerk to the Council                     23rd December 2021