F&PC July 2020 Agenda

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Notice is hereby given thatthe next meeting of Market Deeping Town Council Finance & Personnel Committee Will be held on Wednesday 22nd July 2020 at 7pm

Zoom code: 827 5124 1891


when the following business will be transacted.




1. Chairman’s Welcome


2. Apologies for Absence


3. Declarations of Interest


4. Notes of minutes from the Finance & Personnel Committee meeting 27th November 2019


5. Clerk’s report


6. Correspondence


7. Omega report: Review of admin budget


8. Review of Ear Marked Reserves


9. For members to agree the process required for purchases over £3000 in line with the Council’s Financial Regulations


10. For members to consider amendments to the Committee’s Terms of Reference to allow authority to spend


11. For members to consider an amendment to staff contracts as suggested by Personnel Advice and Solutions


12. For members to receive reports from the internal auditor


13. For members to receive an update on the provision of Council email addresses


14. Personnel –Consideration to go into Closed Session. To include:

a)       Staff matters


16th July 2020